Åtte filmer fulle av eventyr, mot og mangfold.

Eventyrene lokker over hele kloden. Om de så befinner seg på Afrikas savanner eller nord for polarsirkelen er våre eventyrere ustoppelige. Hvordan er det å være en del av klatremiljøet for en døv person? Hvor langt oppleves 80 kilometer når du har lagt distansen bak deg 51 dager på rad? Hva tenker den kvinnelige kajakkpadleren når hun forbigår de mannlige konkurrentene i de ville fjellstrykene? I hvilken grad åpner verden seg for en 16 år gammel zambisk gutt med en sykkel? Og hvilke kreative løsninger må man komme opp med om man vil ut i verden for å klatre i fjerne fjellformasjoner, men er tvunget til å holde seg hjemme på grunn av lockdown?

Alle disse spørsmålene får du svar på under European Outdoor Film Tour. Årets program består av åtte filmer som lar deg se mange nye helter og heltinner, samt to velkjente fjes, på det store lerretet, i en mix du aldri før har sett maken til!


140 Ordinær

120 Medlem

125 Student

200 Medlemskap inkl. film

Merk: filmene vises uten norske undertekster.

Fresh air: Eight movies that breathe adventure, courage and diversity

Adventure beckons everywhere. Whether in Africa’s savannah or north of the Arctic Circle, our protagonists are unstoppable! How does the climbing scene feel as a deaf person? How far is 80 kilometers when you walk it on the 51st day in a row? What does a female kayaker think when she outruns the male competition in roaring mountain rivers? How much freedom does a bicycle afford a 16-year-old Zambian? And what if it’ slockdown and you’re not allowed to travel to remote rock faces?

EOFT 2022 will provide the answers to all of these questions! This year’s program consists of a total of eight films, bringing many new heroes and heroines as well as two familiar acquaintances to the big screen — a combination never before seen by the outdoor community!


140 Ordinary

120 Member

125 Student

200 Membership (including film)


Deaf climber and outdoor advocate Sonya Wilson works topromote inclusion and access for the Deaf community. “Nature doesn't make demands,” Sonya says. “She simply accepts us as we are”. Sonya is conveying that sense of freedom to her community — to Deaf children in particular — through her climbing retreats in Joshua Tree.

14 min / Direction: Palmer Morse / Protagonist: Sonya Wilson / Production: Spruce Tone Films / USA / 202


In the midst of the pandemic, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker embark on one of the most bizarre projects of their careers. Lockdown and travel restrictions force the UK climbers to look for new challenges in their immediate surroundings, where they happen upon an 800-meter horizontal roof crack located on the underside of a huge concrete motorway bridge.

28 min / Direction: Nick Rosen & Peter Mortimer / Protagonists: Tom Randall, Pete Whittaker / Production: Sender Films / USA & UK / 2022


Sometimes a single object can change an entire life. For Gift Puteho, it was his father’s bicycle. After his first wobbly laps, it was clear to him that there is no better sport! In one of his first races, he finished ten minutes ahead of everyone else — on a bike with broken brakes. He has been unstoppable ever since.

8 min / Direction: Jeremy Grant / Protagonists: Gift Puteho, Agness Nalukui Lichaha, Thomas Mapanda /Production: Teton Gravity Research / USA & Zambia / 2022WILD


Nouria Newman has stood on the podium of many international canoe slalom competitions and extreme creek races. Morerecently, the kayaker has taken on some of the most audacious whitewater expeditions ever, sometimes solo. On the world’s most remote, untamed rivers, she is confronted by her greatest fears but also experiences her deepest moments of happiness.

25 min / Direction: David Arnaud / Protagonists: Nouria Newman, Yves Narduzzi, Benny Marr, Rush Sturges, Ben Stookesberry / Production: Red Bull Media House / France / 2022


On board the sailboat Sofie, Nikolai Schirmer and Celeste Pomerantzset a course for a true freeride paradise — Spitsbergen. The Norwegian archipelago has always been considered cold and snow-sure, but when the freeriders arrive, it is far too warm for skiing, with temps hovering around 13 degrees Celcius (55°F). But Nikolai and Celeste still find hope....

10 min / Direction: Nikolai Schirmer / Protagonists: Nikolai Schirmer, Celeste Pomerantz, Asbjørn Eggebø, Mats Grimsæth / Production: Black Crows / Norway / 2022


Abandoned ski resorts and closed lifts. It’s the COVID winter of 2020, and the mountains appear in an unusual, eerily still light. For freerider Sam Favret, this opens up previously unimaginable possibilities. He has the mountains all to himself. Accompanied by a drone, he makes the most of these unprecedented circumstances.

5 min / Direction: Maxime Moulin / Protagonist: Sam Favret / Production: Sam Favret &Maxime Moulin / France / 2021


Speedglider Carl Weiseth and drone pilot Ian Rinefort bring adrenaline-pumping action to the EOFT 2022. Ian’s drone is the only thing Carl cannot outpace as he flies at breakneck speeds down the valley. When this duo takes off, the world turns upside down — along with our perspective.

4 min / Direction: Ian Rinefort / Protagonists: Carl Weiseth, Jeff Katz / Production: / USA / 2022


Timothy Olson aims to set a new FKT (fastest known time) on the Pacific Crest Trail. The legendary long-distance route stretches over 2,650 miles (4,265 km) along the United States west coast. Supported by his wife Krista, eight months pregnant, and their two sons, the ultrarunner must cover more than 50 miles (80 km) per day for 50 consecutive days. His journey is one of human endeavour, endurance, and epic suffering.

26 min / Direction: Keith Ladzinski / Protagonists: Timothy Olson, Krista Olson, Tristan Olson, Kai Olson, Jason Koop / Production: Triage Creative / USA / 2022

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