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Suzume w/ English subtitles

Makoto Shinkai
2t 1min
Makoto Shinkai
Nanoka Hara, Hokuto Matsumura, Eri Fukatsu
Japansk (norsk tekst)
9 år
SF Norge

A modern action adventure road story where a 17-year-old girl named Suzume helps a mysterious young man close doors from the other side that are releasing disasters all over in Japan.

Suzume's journey begins in the quiet town of Kyushu, in South West Japan, where she meets a young man who tells her: 'I'm looking for a door.' Suzume finds an old door that is still standing amid the ruins of her town, as if shielded from the many catastrophees that have occured.

Suzume, apparently drawn towards its powers, reaches for the door knob... and doors begin to open one by one all over Japan, unleashing destruction for anyone nearby. Now Suzume needs to close all these portals to avoid further disasters.

Director Makoto Shinkai is often referred to as the next Hayako Myazaki. His previous work includes the smash hit Your Name (which became the highest grossing animated film ever in Japan) and Weathering with You. His films are infamous for their beautiful images and details, as well as being full of life.

The film is screened with English subtitles.

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