Filmgrenser: Solaris

Filmgrenser: Solaris

Andrey Tarkovskij
2 timer, 47 min.
With Natalja Bondarchuk, Donata Banionis, Anatolij Solonitsyn, Jüri Järvet
Russisk / engelske undertekster
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Soaris has been directed by the renowned Russian filmmaker Andrej Tarkovskij. The film is based on the science-fiction novel Solaris (1961) by famous Polish author Stanislav Lem. The novel is about the limits of scientific knowledge, the limitations of the human ability to understand the world through the acquisition of positive knowledge, an impossibility to establish contact between human and non-human life, the fallacy of applying familiar methods everywhere... Andrei Tarkovskij decided that the film should not be a mere illustration of the text and made a main emphasis of the film on the human condition and a human side of space exploration. The film is a psychological drama set aboard a space station orbiting the fictional planet Solaris. The mission has stalled because the crew of scientists has faced emotional crises. Psychologist Kris Kelvin travels to the station to evaluate the situation but soon encounters the same mysterious phenomenon faced by the other members of the crew...

The film features Natalja Bondarchuk (Hari), Donatas Banionis (Kris Kelvin), Jüri Järvet (Dr Snaut), Vladislav Dvorzhetsky (Henri Burton), Anatoli Solonitsyn (Dr Sartorius), and Sos Sargsyan (Dr Gibarian).

Nadir Kinossian


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