Filmgrenser: Breakfast on Pluto

Filmgrenser: Breakfast on Pluto


Directed by Neil Jordan. With Cilian Murphy, Morgan Jones, Eva Birthistle.

If you have, from time to time, or over longer periods, felt that you belong somewhere else, Neil Jordan’s black comedy from 2005, Breakfast on Mars, might articulate some of this sense of estrangement. Where do we belong? How? Why? These are some of the questions that this weird and wonderful story about Patrick ‘Kitten’ Braden raises. Any imagining of somewhere else, as this film abounds in, necessitates a more specified place and time. Consequently, the title establishes the grounds for the many shifts and twists in the film between this place and the other, and this time and the other, however these terms are defined. Many people will hear in the title of Neil Jordan’s black comedy from 2005, Breakfast on Mars, the echoes from the psychadelia of popular culture in the late 1960s and early 1970s, for example Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 epic science fiction film 2001: A space Odyssey; David Bowie’s hits ‘Space Oddity, ‘Starman’ and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars; and Pink Floyd’s 1973 concept album The Dark Side of the Moon. Or from the British (and American and Spanish) TV-series Life on Mars in 2006-7. However, excursions into elsewheres in this film are far from the mind-expanding or soul-manifesting spacescapes of the imaginative; rather they are confined to historical contingency, geographical demarcations, social conditioning and corporeal experience. For good measure, as might be expected, Jordan’s adaptation of Patrick McCabe’s novel is not easily defined by genre, neither is the storyline straight and simple. Breakfast on Pluto is playful and poignant, strange and serious film. It calls for laughs and surprises, and it broadens the boundaries of the accepted.

Ruben Moi


Etter den store suksessen med Filmgrenser serien høsten 2010 er vi nå i gang igjen. Filmgrenser 2 tilnærmer seg grensebegrepet fra to forskjellige innfallsvinkler. Noen innledere kommer til å fokusere på hvordan konkrete politiske, økonomiske, kulturelle, etniske eller andre grenser fremstilles gjennom filmmediet. Andre kommer til belyse hvordan grensekonseptet kan anvendes som et analytisk redskap for å få frem nye tolkninger av og tilnærminger til film.

Som sist blir hver visning innledet av forskere med en interesse for grensenes estetikk, kultur og politikk. Etter visningene blir det tid til spørsmål, kommentarer, kritikk og debatt. Vi håper på stor deltagelse og gleder oss til interessante tilbakemeldinger og inspirerende nye tanker.

Filmgrenser 2 blir arrangert i regi av Grenseestetikk prosjektet ved Universitetet i Tromsø (Institutt for Kultur og Litteratur). Vi takker Norsk Forskningsråd (KULVER), Fritt Ord og Institutt for Kultur og Litteratur for å finansiere visningene. Ansatte og studenter ved Universitetet i Tromsø får gratis adgang til alle visningene innen Filmgrenser 2 serien. Husk ansatt eller studentbevis. Velkommen!

After the success of the first Filmborders series autumn 2010 we now embark on a new endeavor. Filmborders 2 approaches the border concept from two distinct vantage points. Some presenters will direct attention to the ways through which political, economic, cultural, ethnic, and other borders are represented and negotiated in and through film, while other will focus on the border as an analytical tool that enables new interpretations and approaches to film.

As always each screening will be introduced by a researcher interested in the border aesthetics, border politics, and/or border culture. After each screening there will be time for questions, comments, critique, and debate. We hope for a great attendance and look forward to interesting feedback and inspiring new thoughts.

Filmborder 2 is organized by the Border Aesthetics project coordinated at the Dept. for Culture and Literature at Tromsø University. We are grateful to the Norwegian Research Council’s KULVER programme, the Fritt Ord Foundation, and the Dept. for Culture and Literature for funding the series. Employees and students at Tromsø University have free admission to all Filmborders 2 screenings. Remember to bring your employee and student cards. Welcome!

Tidligere visninger:

  • fredag 15.10.10 Kl. 21:00
  • mandag 21.11.11 Kl. 18:30