Screening of this year's exam films from Visual Anthropology Studies at the University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway.

The screenings, presented by the filmmakers, are chaired by Professor Peter I. Crawford (head of the international Master of Visual Anthropology Programme at UiT -The Arctic University of Norway).

BAREFOOT IN THE FOREST | Julie Alva Cleve | 28 mins.

Barefoot in the Forest is about activist Christoph "Huck" Middeke and his experiment with life. In the forest of Finland, with his bicycle and simple gear, he sets out to explore how one can live closer to nature and how we can all do our part in supporting the web of life. Huck dedicates himself to putting thought into action – repairing our culture, living without money or fossil fuels and without producing rubbish – to be an integral part of nature. But Huck´s dream is tempered by the realities of life; supporting a family, living in a city and raising a young son.

LA MADONNA DEL MARE (THE BRIDE OF THE SEA) | Valentina Lanci | 31 mins.

Anna Maria has been fishing since she was five years old. Today she is 83 years and the oldest Italian fisherwoman. Born and raised in a village along the Adriatic coast, her family was one of many fishing families in the village. Her father taught her the traditions, art and the knowledge of fishing, and this tradition still holds a strong bond within her.

Over the years, the village’s fishers moved on to other towns and harbors, but she continued to travel the same seas that have surrounded her a lifetime. Nowadays, she is known as “the bride of the sea” but she considers herself just a fisherwoman. The sea has changed, nevertheless her days are planned as always; in accordance to the fishing seasons and the flow of the tides. Her history is all in that tireless flow.

ALL ALONG THE RIDGEWAY | Christopher Ryan | 33 mins.

Jonathan, a Druid, is organising a pilgrimage along The Ridgeway - an ancient trackway in the rural south of the UK. Together with two other city dwellers, he leaves London to undertake the planned 42 mile trip on foot. Exploring the landscape they pass through and the neolithic monuments which reside along their route the group make their way towards Avebury to witness the rising of the solstice sun.

WE ARE TOGETHER | Ascanio Varroni | 33 mins.

Many vulnerable people of the Cameroonian city of Ngaoundéré search for the means of their own advancement by establishing relations of trust and mutual solidarity with wealthier individuals, called “patrons”. Jean Louis is a Central African living at the edge of the city, who is in search for a better life condition for him and his family. Ascanio is an Italian studying abroad, who is working to become a visual anthropologist. What will come out from this encounter, when they are both striving to achieve their aims?

Free admittance (Gratis inngang)

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  • torsdag 06.06.19 Kl. 17:00