Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF inviterer til årets filmfestival mellom 12-14 november!

Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF invites to Film Festival between 12-14 November!

Still photo from the film A Gray Cat

A GRAY CAT | Bergur Árnason | Iceland | 5:15

A young woman makes coffee and sits down with her boyfriend to have a discussion but she has a hard time verbalizing her emotions. She reveals to him a dream she had about a cat.

GUARDING FIRES (KOKO) | Inga Pohjolainen | Finland |16:25

The summer ahead is long and hot but the burden of shame from the past is haunting Joonas, 24, and driving him to solitude. A sudden phone call changes the direction of his summer and brings Joonas to an old manor for a summer job, forcing him to open up to his new workmates and to face his shame. After missing their last bus home on the final workday, the group is left at the old manor and a magical midsummer night begins.

SOFIA | Gaspard Le Dourner, Toni Isabella Valenzi | Belgium | 12:30

Sonny and Luka are hanging out together as usual. That particular day they meet Sofia : an older girl who does not seem to be from their area. Together they will live an unexpected adventure during the time of an evening.

MARUSKA (Маруська) | Ludmila Smolyar | Russia | 4:48

A cat lives a glorious life with its two owners - until the day a baby shows up. Life is upside down for Cat, and it is ready to do what it takes to restore the good old days.

IT BLOOMS AT NIGHT (NATTLJUS) | Jasmijn Kooijman | Sweden | 14:00

Siri and her granddaughter Lente meet again after a long time apart, in the raw winter landscape of the island Öland. Their silent but comfortable relationship is based on shared memories that become increasingly important when they understand that this might be the last time they see each other.

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