Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF inviterer til årets filmfestival mellom 12-14 november!

Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF invites to Film Festival between 12-14 November!

Still photo from the film Birthmark

SEAWARD (DENİZE DOĞRU) | Cudi Harman | Turkey | 10:12

Özgür is a young man working as a waiter in a seaside town during the summer season. One day, a woman who has been subjected to violence by her boyfriend comes to the restaurant and Özgür is forced to make a choice.

MY BLACK HEART | Garush Ghazaryan | Armenia | 15:59

This story is about 50-year-old Poghos, resident of Yerevan, who, having many financial problems, has been eagerly waiting for his father’s 100th anniversary to get a Niva car from the government and sell it to pay his bills.

However, nothing comes easily. The course of action changes dramatically when Grandpa Vachagan dies on his birthday.

The family members decide to hide the news and create an elaborate scheme to get the car from the ministry. Grandpa Vachagan is dressed in his best suit, his face is carefully made up and he is sat at the dining table in the living room, ready for the minister’s visit.

While the minister is celebrating and handing over the coveted car keys, Poghos's relatives, who were present when Grandpa Vachagan died, come by to pay their respects to the deceased. The fraud is revealed, but the minister, being merciful, hands over the car keys to Poghos, advising the death should be registered in 2 days. But evil never goes unpunished.

BIRTHMARK | Maria Shevchenko | Ukraine | 20:00

Birthmark - is the director's documentary journey - physical and metaphysical. Maria's mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, when Maria was two years old. Now Maria documents her journey to occupied Crimea in search of crucial answers - could her mother have a more bearable life and how to get there, why the illness has such a stigma, and what are the ways to be together? Maria in search of Mother, under the sign of birthmark.

THE TOWER | Sunčana Brkulj | Croatia | 3:58

As years and years go by, a tiny civilization makes its way upwards.

STORGETNYA | Hovig Hagopian | France/Armenia | 20:00

March 2020, Yerevan, capital of Armenia. 230 meters underground, in the Avan salt mine, men and women walk to breathe easier. Physical activities and medical consultations set the rhythm of the timeless world of this underground clinic, where lives intersect and stories are told.

YOU CAN STILL WIN (Imaš još nade za pobjedu) | Marko Bičanić | Croatia | 14:45

An autobiographical short film about a family battling illness. The family is introduced through archival footage and voiceover. After that, the two-year struggle is presented with a few significant and intimate moments filmed by the son.

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