Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF inviterer til årets filmfestival mellom 12-14 november!

Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF invites to Film Festival between 12-14 November!

Still photo from the film Revolutionary Baby

TIME TO EAT (밥 때) | Seongsik Lee| Republic of Korea | 20:00

Kyeong Ok, who lives alone, gets a lunch box from a welfare center. Her son, who said he would come by after a long time, is still not coming after dark. Kyeong Ok, wanting to eat the lunch box with her son, skips a meal and waits expectantly for her son. Will he show up?

BEHIND THE JUGULAR | Zoe Armit | United Kingdom | 4:07

Behind the Jugular is a short animated documentary, featuring an ex-abattoir worker describing his experiences within the slaughterhouse. The film gives a raw account of the restricted and often ignored industry, intended to prompt the audience to consider, and reconsider, their ethical beliefs and values, and how they implement these morals in life.

CASU | Magnus Møller Bakke| Norway |11:50

Amalie has recently started her job as a cheese store employee. As she's just about to close for the day, two men come in the door. One with a note in his hand. It doesn't take long for Amalie to sense that something is wrong, and that these men want something. And they will not walk away without it.

BEFORE THE BEAUTY IS GONE | Mackai Sharp | Canada | 13:58

An unfortunate reality: our fish are disappearing. Not our Salmon or our Halibut, but those will soon follow. Forage fish, a key segment of the marine food chain, is vanishing off the coast of British Columbia.

REVOLUTIONARY BABY (الطفل المتمرد) | Sheherezade Amy El Moumni Berdai | Morocco | 11:17

Revolutionary Baby takes place a night before Eid Al Fitr, in a fragmented Moroccan household. Fatou, the housemaid, shares a strong nurturing bond with the eldest of the family; Inès, who suffers from an eating disorder. However, the mother, Narjisse, who is the head of the house, neglects her daughter’s illness and disapproves of Fatou’s protectiveness over her.

Narjisse, who gets carried away by her jealousy towards their bond, imposes a ruthless punishment to whoever disagrees with her intolerant judgment.

LAMB (Lamm) | Pollyanna Popermajer | Sweden | 12:43

When Linda gets a phone call about her little brother one early morning, their relationship is changed forever. What happens when we have to choose between those we love, and what we believe is right?

A TROUT’S JOURNEY| Felix Emmanuel, Nanna Anna | Denmark | 10:48

A hand-drawn animated short film about A Boy, A Captain, A Stranger, and two fish, exploring universal themes such as love, sorrow, and the injustice of life, all seen through the eyes of a young boy. A Trout’s Journey is a collaboration between director Felix Emmanuel and Illustrator Nanna Anna.

The story takes place on a small and almost empty ferry at sea, where a young boy sits by the window and observes the beautiful fish in the ocean. While being preoccupied with his surroundings, a strange and very talkative American man decides to sit down across from him. The American stranger tells the boy about the incredible, mystical and dangerous journey of the Sea Trout. The boy gets so engulfed by the nerve-racking story about the Sea Trout that he doesn’t realize that the real danger is sitting right across from him.

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