Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF inviterer til årets filmfestival mellom 12-14 november!

Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF invites to Film Festival between 12-14 November!

Still photo from the film The last ferry from Grass Island

VADIYAR | Marjan Khosravi | Iran | 15:00

A wild animal attacks Sasan’s pregnant mother and the villagers believe that if a wild animal attacks a pregnant woman, all the inhabitants of that village will be infected with rabies and the only way to save everyone is to kill that animal.

LISTEN TO ME (écoute-moi) | François Hoskovec| France |10:12

Nathan is profoundly deaf, but it doesn't stop him from attending concerts at his friend's bar on a regular basis. But one night, a strange instrument enters the stage. Entranced by the mystical vibrations and the musician, Nathan tries to overcome his handicap to go and meet them both.

WHEN THE GULL SLEEPS (Når måkene sover) | Bendik D. Antonsen | Norway | 16:50

Iver and Oscar shared a fascination for eagles while growing up together. WHEN THE GULL SLEEPS follows Iver, a young man struggling to cope with the sudden loss of his brother. A deteriorating state of mind, and relentless insomnia, leads Iver to take extreme measures towards dulling the pain of Oscar’s passing. Hunting seagulls in a city park has become his emotional outlet of choice.Iver's father, Konrad, absent for most of his children’s lives, is determined to help, after the sobering realization that Iver is his only child left.

PATRICK AND THE BUTTONS (Patrick et les Boutons) | Julie Boullier, Bertille David, Sandra Douville, Pauline Dukiel, Thomas Dulong, Morgane Dumas, Romane Ganouna | France | 3:02

Patrick is having fun in a strange playroom without suspecting the consequences.

EDDERKOPPEN (The Spider) | Shokat Harjo | Norway | 9:44

Two Pakistani refugees staying in a hotel in Oslo find themselves in the company of a mysterious and seductive woman, Martine. Drinks are shared, stories are told, and laughs ensue. But the refugees have their night turned upside down when the unthinkable happens.

THE FAIRY TALE (동화) | Seung jae Lee | Republic of Korea | 15:18

Hyun-woo confesses to Eun-jung but gets rejected. Then, Eun-jung hands Hyun-woo a fairy tale book she started drawing. Hyun-woo gradually learns about the secret of Eun-jung, and their friendship gets tested by this new revelation.

LAAL JAMA (THE RED FROCK) | MD. Ashiqur Rahman | Bangladesh | 13:40

One day fisherman Chan Mia finds the dead body of a girl - a rape victim - the same age as his daughter. Hisdaughter really likes red dresses, so Chan Mia decides to take the red dress from the dead body to offer it to his daughter. But as time goes by, his guilt grows. LAAL JAMA addresses the topics of sexual violence and society’s sexism in Bangladesh in a delicate and subtle way.

THE LAST FERRY FROM GRASS ISLAND | Linhan Zhang | United States | 13:46

A Hong Kong hitman retires as a fisherman on the peaceful Grass Island. One day, his Chinese apprentice shows up, tasked to kill him before the last ferry departs.

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