Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF inviterer til årets filmfestival mellom 12-14 november!

Nordic Youth Film Festival - NUFF invites to Film Festival between 12-14 November!

Still photo from the film 'BOAZOVÁZZI'

18h: Opening Remarks, Welcome to NUFF

18:10-18:25: Opening Film 'BOAZOVÁZZI' from our guest filmmakers Jeffrey Roekens & Joonas Mattila from Belgium and Rovaniemi, Finland.

BOAZOVÁZZI | Joonas Mattila & Jeffrey Roekens | Finland | 13:30

Around midsummer reindeer herders of village Ávžžášjávri in Finland collect their reindeer and mark the newborn calves that were born in the spring. Marks are a series of cuts to calves’ ears and this tradition has been men's job before. Ellen-Maaret Juuso puts her city life to a pause and flies to Käsivarsi Wilderness Area to do her share of this Sámi tradition.

18:25-18:35: Q&A and discussion with the directors of 'BOAZOVÁZZI'

18:40 - 19:15: Panel Discussion with Youth Cinema Network Members and Guest filmmakers: 'How to promote diversity in youth filmmaking?'

All NUFF events are free!

Tidligere visninger:

  • fredag 12.11.21 Kl. 18:00