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NUFF 2020

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Letters | Marte Vold & Jéro Yun | Norway/South Korea | 1:17:00

LETTERS is a film about two people living on different sides of the planet; their daily lives, families, their differences and similarities. Filmmakers Marte from Tromsø and Jéro from Busan, South Korea met at the talent camp CPH:LAB in 2015, and were assigned to make a film together. They corresponded the following year, through letters, photos and video diaries to get to know each other. In the film, we alternate between Oslo and South Korea in scenes of everyday life and with the directors’ own voice-overs as guides: Shoe shopping, football practice, cooking, IKEA mounting, karaoke and Norway’s national holiday. Marte is a mother of two, and leads a typical Norwegian family life. Jéro has no kids, but spends a lot of time with his parents and his brother’s family. They reflect over the loss of freedom, but at the same time, they express the love and strength that come with family ties. LETTERS is the story of a meeting that turned into a diary and ended up as a warm and personal film.

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  • lørdag 27.06.20 Kl. 20:00