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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film FROM ÁVILA TO MONSERRATE.

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Cuts (Afskåret) | Cecilie Holmfjord Jonassen | Denmark | 10:00

17-year-old Liam is in a relationship with 16-year-old Thea. Liam's mom is distant, and his dad is dead. Behind the curtain he self-harms, and he tries to hide it from Thea, because he is scared of her reaction. But one day when they’re home alone at Thea's house, it becomes impossible to hide.

Our Land (Utan Er) | Jean-Luc Mwepu | Sweden | 12:51

Idris and Kojo are the two last survivors of a group of African refugees, who have inhabited Swedish woods for almost 10 years and lived independently. When they encounter a young boy named Stellan, a riskful friendship begins. OUR LAND is a mysterious film with outstanding cinematographic qualities, which brings the viewer into a world of its own.

From Ávila to Monserrate (De Ávila a monserrate) | David Leonardo Alarcón Barrios | Colombia | 14:47

This is the story of Carlitos, a young immigrant from Venezuela who lives in Colombia and makes money as a street musician. He lives with his Colombian boyfriend and lives a relatively peaceful life, punctuated by regular calls to his mom in Venezuela. Until one day, he gets an unexpected call. A bittersweet story of love beyond borders.

The gray-area rape (Inte en riktig våldtäkt) | Anna Adell | Sweden | 11:06

Emil and Sanna are a couple who have a loving and caring relationship, until one night everything changes when Emil rapes Sanna while she is asleep. When Sanna tries to talk about what happened to a friend, she is faced with society’s disregard of the very real abuse she suffered. THE GRAY-AREA RAPE is an important and sensitive film that highlights the social taboo that still surrounds domestic rape.

The Note (Lappen) | Tiril Myhre Skår | Norway | 10:49

Lea and Elise are best friends, even though they seem to be from completely different worlds. One day, Tommy, a boy from school, comes up to Lea during soccer practice with a note for Lea to give Elise. He asks her if she can ask Elise to be his girlfriend. Lea says yes to help him out, but quickly realizes that her own emotions will interfere with the situation.

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  • søndag 28.06.20 Kl. 18:00