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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film THE GOLDEN BUTTONS.

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The Golden Buttons (Золотые пуговицы) | Alex Evstigneev | Russia | 19:00

The Golden Buttons is an immersive and creative documentary that brings us into the world of young Russian cadets. Created from fragments of phrases, observations and faces, the film is an attempt to show the inner world of the children cadets - from the first machine gun in their hands to the future fighter Rosguards. It is a bold but poetic look at the way nationalism directly affects and shapes young generations.

Drift (Drivkraft) | Nina Winter, Vera Berggren Wiklund | Sweden | 05:06

DRIFT is a documentary about four young female gymnasts competing on the highest level within Umeå Gymnastikförening in Northern Sweden. The ten- and eleven-year-old girls talk about their dreams, fears and their drive to follow their passion. DRIFT is a joyous documentary that puts the spotlight on what drives young athletes.

Random Panic Attacks | Hsin Yi SHIH | Taiwan | 02:24

RANDOM PANIC ATTACKS is an experimental animation film that transcribes the feelings that many people may feel in our current societies: being overwhelmed by social media and consumerist advertisement, as well as psychological isolation. Fast paced and at times hypnotic, RANDOM PANIC ATTACKS feels like a captivating trip.

Some Kind Of Bond | Chiara Cavarzan | Italy | 20:00

Some Kind Of Bond is a film about a cemetery: a quiet and lonely place filled with life and memories. We observe the casual and the diligent visitors; we talk with them about their thoughts on death, loss and grief. Some of them decide to invite us into their homes, and together we go on an emotional journey through different personal experiences: the loss of a child, a grandparent and a mother.

Escape (Flugt) | Laura Hadsund Baarstrøm | Denmark | 10:54

Escape is a short film about siblings Bastian and Freja who, due to parental neglect, take to the woods to seek out their old childhood playhouse and a better life for themselves. But as Freja fills out the role of the responsible older sister, her insecurity about the expedition slowly starts to grow.

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  • søndag 28.06.20 Kl. 16:00