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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film TRANSIENT.

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Voice of the glaciers | Sindre Kolbjørnsgard | Norway | 19:47

In the summer of 2019, four young adventurers embark on a dangerous scientific expedition into the Arctic, with the intent of documenting the true story of the effects of the changing climate. Through Eric’s scientific degree in glaciology, and Kris' crucial knowledge of navigating the local terrain, working as an Arctic guide, the team approach the endeavor with open minds, seeking evidence, to determine fact from hysteria, about the rate of glacial melting.

Transient | Mario Bertsch | Germany | 03:59

This animated film takes us to another world, where people have isolated themselves and created their own demise. Through stunning 3D visuals, “Transient” tells us that we should never forget that the things that connect us always outweigh what separates us. Director Mario Bertsch brings us along on a unique journey through time and space.

Babydyke (Babylebbe) | Tone Ottilie Frederiksen | Denmark | 19:35

Frede goes with her big sister to a queer techno party to win back her ex. When her plan goes wrong, she tries to follow her sister’s less romantic advice on how to get over your ex and not be a babydyke. This coming-of-age film portrays the young, cool crowd in Denmark with an authentic atmosphere and a beautiful cinematography.

Grounding | Oisín-Tomás Ó Raghallaigh | Ireland | 07:00

Sarah, a shy 15-year-old girl, finds the courage to open up about the abuse she and her brother have faced at the hands of their mother and the psychological consequences of it while attending an appointment at a children's mental health facility. A powerful film supported by a strong performance by young actress Victoria McClements.

Meatgrinder (Мясорубка) | Vladislav Bakhanovich | Russia | 20:00

Eighth-grader Dima starts a new life. A beautiful girlfriend, grown-up friends, night parties - everything he dreamed about is already starting to come true. It only remains for him to win the fight without rules in the tournament "Meat Grinder" and for this he will have to make a truly adult choice. MEATGRINDER is an atmospheric coming-of-age film that combines beautiful cinematography and an engaging script.

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  • søndag 28.06.20 Kl. 14:00