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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film NEW WORLD VULTURES.

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Sentience | Guillaume Bierry | France | 18:20

SENTIENCE takes us to a speculative world where an old lady and a robot, both frustrated of their physical conditions, choose to switch their bodies. This unlikely relationship is strewn with incomprehension, as the robot cannot feel emotions, but also suffused with tenderness. A futuristic story that resonates with the contemporary world.

One Left | Sebastian Doringer | Austria | 06:13

ONE LEFT takes place in a world where life is symbolized by a heart pictogram that appears above a person's head. Several patients are waiting in a doctor’s office to hear test results regarding their remaining lifetimes. In most cases, the allotted time is not as long as they had hoped for. ONE LEFT is a funny and timely animation.

Exit the Matrix (Выход из Матрицы) | Alexandra Prikhodko | Russia | 20:00

In the Apsheronsk District of the Krasnodar Territory, among the majestic Caucasus Mountains and impassable forests, the tiny villages were lost. They are connected to the rest of the world only by a thin thread, a narrow-gauge railway winding through gorges - and this is the only way back and forth. A small, old locomotive nicknamed by the locals "Matrix", delivers food, fuel and other benefits of civilization every day. People who for one reason or another prefer loneliness and unity with nature to noisy city life, make their journey by “Matrix”.

Forest Spirit | Pippa Molony, Paul Gleeson, Savina Smederevac, Luka Ivanović, Emmy Halkova, Linnea Palmqvist, Evelina Söderberg and Rebeca Ax | Sweden | 02:46

FOREST SPIRIT is an experimental film based on the poetry of Dan Andersson, using visuals seen through a round lens and a voiceover to transcribe poetry onto film. This unique film takes the viewer on a serene journey through the forests, where poetry becomes reality.

New World Vultures (Den Nya Världens Gamar) | Jakob Ekvall | Sweden | 17:19

Yuliya Inova lives with her blind big sister in a segregated suburb in Sweden's new capital. The year is 2043 and the Swedish police has been replaced with a bounty system. Each day there are bounties printed of wanted criminals and it's up to each and every one to hunt down the wrongdoers. On a cold winter day Yuliya finds her own face on a bounty. It's now up to Yuliya and Lana to outsmart the menacing "vultures" and get out of town alive. NEW WORLD VULTURES is a highly original, fun and smart film that takes its viewers onto an exciting action-packed adventure.

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  • lørdag 27.06.20 Kl. 18:00