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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film 5800.

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Tradition (Tрадиция) | Zhanuzak Mamytov | Kyrgyzstan | 13:09

Circumcision in Kyrgyz culture is not just a tradition, but for a Kyrgyz man it is also an essential part of his life. The main character, a young boy whose parents don’t pay much attention to him, is mocked by his peers for not being circumcised. How will he find a solution to this difficult situation? TRADITION is a beautiful and sensitive film told from the point of view of a young boy in Kyrgyzstan.

Between the Doves (Mellem Duerne) | Anne-Marie Bjerre Koch | Denmark | 12:42

6-year-old Maja’s world crashes when one day at school she opens up about the goodnight stories that her beloved single dad, Morten, tells her. When Majas retells the goodnight stories to her teacher, she experiences a new uncomfortable feeling: shame. “Between Doves” is a psychological drama that doesn’t take a stand on Mortens crimes, but instead focuses on the events from Maja’s point of view.

Sandbox | Daniel Anda | Norway | 06:40

Jenny turns 13 and her father has arranged a big birthday party. An uninvited and dangerous psychopath interrupts the celebration and sets off a brutal fight with high stakes. SANDBOX is a highly energetic, action-packed film that will keep you on the edge of your seat up until the very last second.

Roomservice | Simon Alvberg | Sweden | 08:19

After a one-night stand, Pia tries to secretly inseminate herself with the contents of the condom. To her astonishment, when she gets caught, she has to persuade the to-be father why he shouldn't be a part of the new family. ROOMSERVICE is a quirky film that blends humor and seriousness to form a very contemporary film.

5800 | Anne-Sofie Lindgaard | Denmark | 16:59

"5800" is a personal reflection on growing up in a small town, as well as on the strengths and weaknesses of female friendships. In this atmospheric film, director Anne-Sofie Lindgaard tells a story that many will relate to - a story about friendships, jealousy and figuring out one’s way through teenagehood.

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