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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film JELLYFISH.

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Change a Life (Cambiar una Vida) | Fernando Mateos Frühbeck | Spain | 18:00

Sisters Janira and Tamar Taibo are leading the 26 Letters project, an independent school in Beirut that takes care of the education of Syrian refugee children in the area. The involvement in teaching and the willingness to learn come together in this school that stands out for its unique family environment. This camaraderie continues outside the classroom, where educators and children show their most humane and personal side. The school has been active in the Lebanese capital for three years and continues to grow with more children and volunteers joining every day.

Coming back is not the same as staying (Terugkomen is niet hetzelfde als blijven) | Jasmijn Kooijman | Sweden | 05:24

Two sisters talk about memories, homesickness and nostalgia, but words feel insufficient. How do you describe feelings that are bigger than words and how do you talk about thoughts when the thoughts drift away? A poetic and reflective documentary centred around a conversation between director Jasmijn and her sister Rosalie.

The Echo Of Silence (El eco del silencio) | Daniela Gamboa Arias | Colombia | 16:00

Rubiela (43) is the mother of Laura (16) a disabled girl who suffers from a psychomotor delay that affects language and her personal and social development. This story of unconditional love takes us to the remote township of Valle del Cauca, the Tiple. Far from the bustle of society, far from the industry, far from the exhaustive pace of life of Cali, peace seems to reign, but the great echo of silence leaves some as forgotten by all. This strong and touching documentary follows Rubiela, Laura and her grandfather Don Gabriel (70) in their everyday struggles to live with dignity.

Floating City | Frida Feline & Rebekka Torgersen | Norway | 02:08

This experimental documentary takes on the topic of the invasion of cruise ships in Stavanger, Norway, and the pollution it creates. Shot entirely in black and white and without a voiceover, this unique short film immerses us in the absurdity of huge cruise ships occupying the Norwegian coast’s landscape. A timely film with a strong message.

Jellyfish (Les Méduses) | Manon Gaurin | France | 15:00

JELLYFISH tells the story of two brothers, the oldest one being autistic. They live together in harmony, until the day when the need for emancipation will arise in the younger brother. But which one needs the other most? JELLYFISH is a moving and joyful story about siblings' love, and about finding one’s life path.

The Loop (Pętla) | Anna Bolińska | Poland | 04:21

THE LOOP is a story of routine and repetition, as told from the perspectives of a man and… his cat. Stuck in the loop of working life, the man gets closer and closer to burn-out. In the meantime, unbeknownst to him, his cat enjoys a relaxing day at the beach. This jazzy animation film is both entertaining and very relevant for current times.

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