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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film LONE.

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I See in the Dark (Tudi jaz vidim) | Lana Bregar | Slovenia | 16:24

This short documentary features three individuals who have lost their sight. A young woman, a young man and an older musician recount their relationship to senses and perceptions. Their intimate narrative takes the viewer on a journey to their world and feelings about the loss of vision. A poetic documentary that is both deep and bright.

Screen Time (Skjermtid) | Cecilia Johannessen, Trine Thanche | Norway | 02:22

SCREEN TIME is about a young woman who is addicted to her phone, not being able to put it down and living her everyday life with it, always attached to her hand. The story is told through the lens of her phone, as we follow her in her daily activities. This timely film made in Tromsø will be relatable for many, young and older people alike.

Dear father ... (Kjære far …) | Maren Klakegg | Norway | 19:53

DEAR FATHER ... is a documentary about the life of Beate. From a young age she was sexually, psychologically and physically abused by her father. She grew up as the youngest of four siblings, who were all abused. A big part of Beate's adult life has been used to put her childhood behind her and taking the power back, which her father had taken from her. Today Beate lives a good life with two children. She is a great resource for her community and uses her experiences to help others. This strong and deeply touching documentary is a sensitive story of courage and empowerment in the face of abuse.

Stitching a Life: The Story of Trudie Strobel | Spirit Avedon, Natasha Clement, Lila Dworsky-Hickey, Ian Kim, Miranda Lewis, Alexander McDaniel, Jaaziah McZeal, Hank Schoen, Coleman Weintraub, Jocelyn Vega, Fernanda Zaragoza | USA | 08:18

A child survivor of the Holocaust receives a packet of beads in a Displaced Persons camp after the war. Her mother tears off a piece of her skirt and the child embroiders a goose. Thus begins her life-long journey with thread and needle not knowing that someday this simple act will save her life again. Based on the life and art of Holocaust survivor Trudie Strobel. A production of the Righteous Conversations Project, a collaboration of Holocaust survivors and teens, and Harvard-Westlake Summer Film.

Lone (Otta) | Laya Kala Komath | India | 12:05

Mani, an 8-year-old girl, has only her grandfather and mother left. Grandfather's stories mean a lot to her. After some tragedies in life, she becomes like a fruit which is forcefully ripened. Her world shatters and she has to rebuild it like a different person. This beautiful film, set in rural India, shows us a difficult family reality through the eyes of a young girl, with a good dose of poetry and tenderness.

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