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NUFF 2020

Still photo from the film MOVING FORWARD.

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The Mariachi Woman (La Mariachi) | Adán Ruiz | Mexico | 08:33

Nancy is a mariachi woman who was unfairly imprisoned when she was mistaken as a trafficker while trying to cross the border into the United States. Now she lives in Mexico City with her wife Teo, with whom she has a son. Every day she goes to Garibaldi, the world's most important place for mariachi, where she is one of the few mariachi women and sings to support her family.

o28 | Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran | France | 05:18

In Lisbon, a German married couple is enjoying a ride on the legendary n°28 tramway. But how will they react when the brakes let go and embark them passengers on a vertiginous race... with a baby on board? This animation comedy is packed with hilarious moments, while the making and directing of the film is bound to impress!

Moving Forward (Vidare) | Liselotte Persson, Christian Zetterberg | Sweden | 11:16

Summer is coming to an end. Tomorrow Misha moves abroad, while Fanny stays in their hometown. Her jealousy and feelings of being left behind are met by Misha's desire to make the best out of their last day together. Where will they be tomorrow? MOVING FORWARD is a film full of sensitivity and of youthful energy.

The School Bus (Servis) | Ramazan Kılıç | Turkey | 14:01

Nebahat, a teacher in her 20s, has just been appointed to a rural village school in Anatolia. She realizes that her students are struggling to come to school, hitchhiking tractors, using whatever means they can find to get there. She asks the Ministry of Education for a shuttle bus, but when her request is finally granted, she discovers she still needs to find someone to drive. This upbeat, engaging story in the Turkish countryside will surely win your heart.

Imilla | Mayra Nieva | Argentina | 13:00

The story takes place in the 1980s, in a village in the valleys of Jujuy (Argentina). Imilla is a transgender woman living a peaceful life working as a farm hand for neighbors. Until one day, when she is called up for military service. IMILLA is a beautiful film that evokes topics of gender, village life and historical events in a delicate way.

400 Mph | Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti, Quentin Tireloque | France | 04:50

On the Bonneville salt flats, the sound of roaring engines can be heard in the distance. At the wheel is Icarus, a chimpanzee hell-bent on transcending the limits of speed. Aboard iconic and increasingly powerful vehicles, Icarus will attempt to reach the ultimate speed of 400 Mph, thought to be impossible for land vehicles. As Icarus reaches for the sky, will he prevail or be consumed by his self-destructive quest?

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  • fredag 26.06.20 Kl. 18:00