Still from the film SUDDEN GROWTH.

FIRST KISSES (PRIMERO BESOS) | Tomás Longato Arnedo & Susana González Martínez | Argentina | 08:00 mins.

During the summer, Rodri (a thirteen-year-old boy) tries to give his first kiss to the girl he likes with the advice of his best friend and his friend's mother.

SATELITES (SATELITTER) | Håkon Anton Olavsen | Norway | 16:34 mins.

Rikke og Benjamin har flyttet sammen i en studentleilighet på Rodeløkka og har invitert et knippe venner på innflytningsfest. Men festen er ikke spesielt vellykket og gjestene drar tidlig hjem... alle bortsett fra én. Han heter Jonas, og er håpløst forelsket i Rikke. // Rikke and Benjamin have moved in together and are having a party to celebrate the occasion. But the party is pretty miserable and all the guests leave early... except for one. His name is Jonas, and he is hopelessly in love with Rikke.

NOTES | Jeremy Vella | Malta | 07:16 mins.

A blind man and a mute girl are in a room. How will they communicate?

LIGHTS OUT | Bernardo Oliveira Mesquita | Brazil | 02:00 mins.

The character, a small child, faces his fear against the darkness, trying to reach and win. In his room, with acttered toys, he is frightened by strange noises, his imagination creates monsters that do not exist, but wins with audacity.

BUBBLEHEAD | Vigga Wagner | Denmark | 14:33 mins.

A girl lives a solitary life in her own magnificent underwater world inside her apartment. But when one morning she wakes up to find that her beloved goldfish is dead, she is forced out of her own safe reality and into an amazing fishmonger’s shop, where she meets a boy who helps her pick a new goldfish. The girl soon finds herself unable to stay away from the wonderful fishmonger’s shop and the fascinating boy, and she discovers that the world outside her apartment is not as cruel as she thought.

SUDDEN GROWTH (VOKSEVÆRK) | Sine Juhl | Denmark | 05:23 mins.

It all starts out in an idyllic childhood but then bodies start changing, limps grow rapidly and hairs turn up in the most unexpected places. For some it happens early, while others are left behind. This stop-motion animated short tells the story of going through puberty in a humoristic and honest way.

DOL. MOL | Jack Elliot | Sweden | 06:07 mins.

A dad and his two sons travels down a country road when their relationship and existence is suddenly put to the test. What do you do when someone you love disappears in front of your eyes?

Program total run time: 1 hour.

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