Den offisielle åpningen av årets NUFF - Nordisk Ungdoms Filmfestival.

Forfilm: THE FRIDGE (LED NICE) | Dir: Lucie Stamfestová | Czech Republic | 7 mins.

A man forgets to close the door of a fridge. Therefore the micro climax inside changes. Vegetables start sprouting, chickens start hatching out of the eggs. The light bulb is heating. The groceries are getting spoiled and dry. The cans are blowing out; mould is sprawling round the fridge. Grilled chickens are turning into skeletons. The freezer is getting dry. The fridge stops working.


Åpningsfilm: POOLBOY (HOLD PUSTEN) | Dir: Margareta F. A. Orkan | Norway | 8 mins.

I et basseng etter stengetid møter en badevakt en kunde som nekter å gå. Etter noe overtalelse får kunden bli noen minutter, men å svømme er ikke den eneste intensjonen mellom dem.

In a pool after closing hours a life guard meets a customer who refuses to leave. After some persuasion the life guard agrees to give her a few minutes, but to swim isn't the only intention...

Gratis inngang // Free entrance


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