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Insomnia 2018

Kara-Lis Coverdale (CA)

Driven by a patient devotion to sonic afterlife, memory, and material curiosity, Kara-Lis Coverdale’s dynamic work occupies new planes built upon a borderless understanding of electronic music, but rooted in interlocking musical systems and languages. Heralded as “One of the Most Exciting Composers in North America” (The Guardian), Coverdale’s work has been meet with consistent critical acclaim. Coverdale’s recordings are incredibly considered and often understated, but her live shows can be unpredictable, chaotic, eerie, dynamic, and confrontational; all for which she has earned a steady reputation as a festival favourite as a highly dynamic and explorative artist, resistant to categorization and stasis.

Kara-Lis holds degrees in musicology and composition and has worked as organist and music director at several churches across Canada since age 13, where she has also served as choir conductor. Coverdale is recipient of a “remising young artist” award by Canadian new music composer Ann Southam, has held residencies with GRM Paris, EMS Stockholm, FUGA Zaragoza and others, and presents original performances, commissions, collaborations, and installations all over the world. She currently resides in Montreal.

Ratkje (NO) & Barruk (SE): ”Avant Joik”

Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje and Katarina Barruk have worked together for the first time, inspiring each other, resulting in the commissioned work: Avant Joik. The work blends joik and vocal experimentation with an electronic, experimental palette, evoking the eerie, contemplative atmospheres of the North, while the turmoil and distortion of an untamed, forceful nature lurks beneath.

Ratkje is one of the most respected avant-garde musicians in Europe the last 15 years. Her contemporary compositions draw upon chamber music, noise, vocal experimentation, opera and more. She has received numerous awards, and in 2001, Ratkje was the first to receive the prestigious Arne Nordheim award.

Katarina Barruk is a Ume Saami musician from Storuman in Västerbotten. A unique and captivating performer, she mainly uses her voice as her instrument, mixing joik and song, but she also plays piano. Barruk presents her own compositions in Ume Saami language, a threatened language she cares deeply for. She was Young Saami Artist of the Year in 2012 at Riddu Riddu Festival in Kåfjord.

We are thrilled to present this captivating and emotive performance from two outstanding artists to our audience.

“Avant Joik” was presented for the first time at Sónar Festival in Barcelona in June 2018, as a co-curation with Insomnia as part of We Are Europe.

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  • lørdag 27.10.18 Kl. 19:00