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Insomnia Festival

This event is presented in collaboration with Unsound Festival (Poland) as part of the collaborative project We Are Europe.

The topic of migration, the “refugee crisis“ in Europe, has been a central topic in the media, the politics and reflections about the current situation of Europe for several years now and is still creating its side-effects. But What kind of crisis is this really? Did the crisis end when people stopped reaching our doorsteps? What of the burning issues that continue to paint the reality lived by millions of migrants and refugees on their “route to safety” or those left behind under terrible living conditions in migrant camps all over the world?

If we as a global society is facing a crisis today, is it a refugee crisis, or rather a crisis of capitalism, human rights, boarders, wars and climate change? A crisis of inaction due to numbness and a lack of emotional awareness? Is the accumulation of these problems, the increased helplessness over their effects or even the lack of political will to intervene, the real cause of our anxiety?

In the dark times

Will there also be singing?

Yes, there will also be singing.

About the dark times.

– Bertolt Brecht

During this seminar we will look closer at topics of migration and human displacement, focusing on the hazardous journey many people undertake “on their way to safety”. The screening of short documentary “Container”, an excerpt from the ongoing and long term artistic project “Every Song Knows Its Home” and a musical/textual performance will be accompanied by a panel discussion that aims to draw these issues into a broader discussion about burning issues we are facing globally and in Europe

The panel discussion will be moderated by Hanne Edøy Heszlein-Lossius (NO), medical doctor and medical solidarity worker in Greece since 2015. Check our website for more information about the participants and their work here.

Nasra Omar, Percussionist and Cultural worker in Tromsø. In 1992, she moved to Norway with her mother and two younger sisters. Nasra started drumming when she was a child, often keeping the drumbeat in Somali wedding chants and dances with her grandmother as lead singer and her mother and sisters as lead dancers.

Jessica Ullevålseter, artist and activist. Her performance piece “Who can sail with no wind” is part of our program on Friday and will be open during the weekend. The piece speaks of the migrants and refugees we lose every year in the Mediterranean sea.

Karolina Grzywnowicz, artist and activist. She will present an excerpt of her ongoing project “Every song knows its home”. The recordings aim is to create a soundtrack of exile, by collecting songs sung by the refugees during their wandering as a kind of a grassroots saga: a story that preserves the memory of the harm.

Also presenting:

Daphne Matziaraki (GR), independent filmmaker dealing with topics of migration and human displacement. She directed, produced, photographed and edited award winning "4.1 Miles", which in 2017 was nominated for an Academy Award® in the Documentary short category. As part of this seminar we will screen her most recent award winning short film; “Container”.

"Container" takes place in Samos, Greece and aims to highlight the difficult living conditions that refugees face in the understaffed and overpopulated hotspot located in Vathy. The documentary records the life of a group of young boys that have just arrived in the island and are living in the Samos hotspot; it highlights the relationships they built with each other against all odds.

Mazlum KARATAŞ, Kurdish multi-instrumentalist musician, artist and activist. As a refugee in Tromsø, he deals with issues of migration and asylum seekers and is interested in topics such as multi-culturalism, Human Rights, Indigenous people and Minorities (ethnic or national). He will end the seminar with a performance based on instrumental introduction and improvisation. He believes that the thing he and other refugees and asylum seekers experienced, cannot be expressed with words. This is his way and style in his music.

Check out our website for more information about this event, the film screening, sound piece, performance and panel participants.

The event will be held in English and will be recorded.

Free admission, but all audiences must register and collect a free ticket here!

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  • lørdag 24.10.20 Kl. 16:00