Arctic Frontiers Open: Ballad of a Changing World: A show about adaptation

Arctic Frontiers Open: Ballad of a Changing World: A show about adaptation

In cooperation with Tromsø International Filmfestival and Nordlysfestivalen we are proud to present this unique event during this year Arctic Frontiers.

Cellist Maja Bugge and ‘Inside-Out’ pianist Sarah Nicolls issue a digital yet immersive wake-up call on the urgency of the climate crisis in this 55-minute film.

Ballad of a changing world combines emotionally-charged music with learning about kittiwakes – birds which are on the move due to climate change. Conversations with scientists in Newcastle-on-Tyne, UK and Tromso, Norway are interrupted by the sometimes hilarious attempts to make a music show in lockdown.

Sarah (piano) and Maja (cello) are just two individuals living in the same world as you and I. They’re still under lockdown in the UK, at home with their young children and husbands. They’re still as aware of the climate and ecological crisis as they were two years agobut frankly, they haven’t had as much time to worry about that, with Covid wiping out a lot of livegigs and their children’s education. So, why do they still want to talk about the climate, about the environment?

Because it’s the bigger picture. Because when Covid is defeated with vaccines, the backdrop hasn’t changed. But these women are NOT doomists. Their preferred state is smiling and laughing, alongside some very intense and emotional music-making. They want joy in their lives, not unnecessary pessimism. So, they look to the birds of Tromso and Newcastle-the Kittiwakes. How do they adapt? How do they change their lives? How do the local people feel about the invasion? What do the birds' stories teach us about our own choices, our own possibilities?

This show is music and speaking, intermingling day-to-day story telling with poetic moments in a mosaic experience designed to move you, to stir you. We want to connect with the biggest things in life but only as fellow humans, all of us hoping that we can be our best. This piece began its life at Snape Maltings Residencies and received its UK premiere at Cheltenham, as a co-commission with Arctic Arts Festival in Norway.

The program is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Free entry / Gratis inngang!

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  • mandag 09.05.22 Kl. 19:30