Visuelle Kulturstudier: Livet er så mange steder

Visuelle Kulturstudier: Livet er så mange steder

Visning av to av årets eksamensfilmer fra Visuelle Kulturstudier ved UiT.

Main photo: Still from the film A FATHERLIKE FEELING


Becoming a father is major, one-time event in a man’s life. However, during the pregnancy, the delivery and the first months of the post-natal period, most of the attention is directed to the mother and the baby, with fathers experiencing the process more as privileged spectators than as main actors. Being about to become a mother myself gave me the opportunity to do research into my own family, filming the process from the very beginning to document my husband’s slow, gradual transition to become a committed father who wants to be as important for his son as I am.  As a result, this intimate narration opens a window into a newlycreated family, and especially to Jorge, his feelings and the evolution of his physical relationship with the baby, in the context of a 7-month parental leave which created a unique opportunity for him to establish long-lasting bonds.

Film length: 33:30

Still from the film CIRCUS BEROSINI
Still from the film CIRCUS BEROSINI


This film is following a small traditional Czech circus consisting mainly of members of the Roma community.  The story deals with the theme of today’s circus and its position within the society in relation to the worlds technological development and its consequences. Therefore, the question is whether the circus is a merely a slowly declining phenomenon, or a tradition which belongs within our culture.  The film follows performers in their daily life and deals with the question of running a traditional circus in the 21st century and onwards. 

Film lenght: 28:14

Gratis inngang / Free entrance.

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