Tank: Design vs. Music

Tank: Design vs. Music

Design vs. Music: Studio Bruch

Design vs. Music is an annual graphic-design lecture presented by Tank Design and Grafill.

This year we will take a look at Graz in Austria. At the crest of the next wave of design talent in Austria are two former Moodley staffers: Kurt Glänzer and Josef Heigl of Studio Bruch. Three years into business their portfolio is a sumptuous selection of beautiful print and digital projects. Typography purists with a penchant for Swiss style, the pair try to research fonts entirely from classic graphic-design books. Studio Bruch has won several national and international awards and focuses on Branding, Editorial, Packaging and Web-Design.

The lecture will be held in English.

Duration: approx. 50 min.

Free admission!

Tidligere visninger:

  • fredag 20.10.17 Kl. 17:00