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NUFF 2018

Still from the film THE FACTORY 

The Factory

The Factory

Fiksjon, drama/2017/Norway (22-26)

The Factory is a steampunk, sci-fi short film about a man, robot and a cyborg working at a soda factory. One day there is a breach in the daily routines. It creates turbulence in the working environment.

Produsent: Tonje Ness Meinhardt

Regi: Margareta F. A. Orkan

DOP: Tonje Ness Meinhardt

Script: Margareta F. A. Orkan

Music: Rune Simonsen

Cast: Emil Karlsen, Mathilde Sofie Henriksen, Karsten Oelmann



Milky Way

Fiksjon, drama/2018/Sweden (18)

Around Saturns rings, a Space ship is in orbit. Our protagonist Nico Holts comes in conflict with his artificial assistant Sofia when an incident occurs

Produsent: Elsa Lundin/Adam Onishi

Regi: Adam Onishi

DOP: Elsa Lundin

Script: Adam Onishi

Music: Ross Bugden

Cast: Nicolai W.Liwing


Är det viktigt för dig?  

Is it important to you?

Documentary/2017/Sweden (22-26)

IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU? follows Tibor, Dejan and Valon, three childhood friends who, like most kids in Malmö, grew up with the dream to be like Zlatan. We get to follow them both on and off the pitch and explore their generation’s biggest dream – Becoming a star. What happens to childhood dreams when you grow up, when there’s a shift of focus, when they are about to be realized? We get to ask ourselves the question; what is really important to you?

Produsent: Stefan Gardovic

Regi: Stefan Gardovic

DOP: Stefan Gardovic

Script: Stefan Gardovic



The Winter

Fiksjon, drama/2017/Norway (19-21)

The Winter is a shortfilm about a couple in their late 20s going through the ups and downs of a norwegian winter.

Produsent: Simen Andresen & Michael Mark Lanham

Regi: Elias Brekke Solberg

DOP: Michael Mark Lanham

Script: Michael Mark Lanham

Music: Elias Brekke Solberg

Cast: Andreas Haaseth & Idun Dae




Fiksjon, horror/2017/Norway (22-26)

A young woman wakes suddenly up in a dark and mysterious forest, discovering after a series of events that she has been responsible of a serious accident.

Produsent: Jon-Emil Jacobsen

Regi: Marietha Chopra Helgesen

DOP: Marius Brevik

Script: Marius Brevik

Music: Marius Brevik

Cast: Alice Kleveland, Jesper Adsen


Ultra Tennis

Ultra Tennis

Fiksjon/2017/ Russia

Ultra Tennis is an intergalactic virtual sports battle of the titans. Irreconcilable rivals, side to side with their 3D-avatars, once again collided on the battlefield. How to find the strongest athlete in the land of such skill, where the one-button player is a pro?

Producer: Yaroslav Danilov

Director: Yuri Zhirov, Avet Oganesyan

DOP: Dmitriy Novikov

Scriptwriter: Avet Oganesyan, Dmitriy Novikov, Yaroslav Danilov, Yuri Zhirov

Music: Artur Safarov

Cast: Yuri Zhirov, Avet Oganesyan, Natalia Yambaev


Program total running time approx. 1 hour

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