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NUFF 2018

Still from the film WALTZING TILDA

Waltzing Tilda

Waltzing Tilda

Fiction, Comedy-drama/2017 /Sweden/Australia (22-26)

When Tilda wakes up to find herself the last human on earth she goes on a journey along with her bunny rabbit Shane, experiencing both the immense joy and crippling loneliness of a world without humans.

Produsent: Raquel Linde

Regi: Jonathan Wilhelmsson

DOP: Paul d'Indy

Script: Jonathan Wilhelmsson

Music: Carita Boronska

Cast: Holly Fraser, Glean de Goya, Bandit the Rabbit 


Dark, dark woods

Dark, dark woods

Animasjon, Drama/2017/Denmark (22-26)

Young princess Maria has had about enough of her royal life – it’s all lesson, responsibilities and duties on top of each other, every hour of every day. Overwhelmed Maria is swept away on an adventure into the monster-filled dark, dark woods. Pushed beyond her breaking point by an endless routine of duties and lessons, princess Maria is swept into the dark, dark woods full of monsters.

Produsent: The Animation Workshop

Regi: Emile Gignoux

DOP: Mik Løvenbalch Kirchheiner, Julia Mika Andersson, Alexandre Hatimi, Louise Hovgård, Nicole Fortes, Emile Gignoux

Music: Kenneth Lampl, Kirsten Lampl  

Cast (VOICE-ACTORS): Signe Frausig, Lilith Pilgaard, Stefan A.L.N. Nielsen, Mik Løvenbalch Kirchheiner, Jessica Laurent, Emil Salling, Jens Leonhard Aagaard 


Growing Alice

Growing Alice

Fiction, drama/2017/Ireland

Observing a girl's changing relationship with her mother, through the years, from the point of view of her bedroom mirror.

Producer: Gabriela Chrobak

Director: Danilo Zambrano

DOP: Alba Fernandez

Scriptwriter: Danilo Zambrano

Music: Conor Buckley

Cast: Laura Thompson, Gabrielle O´Donoghue, Sarah Mitchell, Amy´Donoghue. 


À Chacun Sa Malédiction

Count Your Curses


In a town where supernatural beings are part of everyday life, two roommates face a recurring problem: their house spirit was devoured by an unknown creature overnight. They go on their way to find a replacement spirit and a solution to their pest problem.

Produsent: Vincent Gilot

Regi: Lorène Yavo


Script: Lorène Yavo

Music: Karlo Corona



Ready to Assemble

Fiksjon/2017/Norway (22-26)

Rune and Pernille suddenly find their living room table unexplainably broken. On the look for a new table at IKEA, their relationship meets bigger ordeals than they ever would have imagined. Is this really how a relationship works, or are they the subjects of a conspiracy?

Produsent: Paul Hensrud, Gine Moen Kirkholt

Regi: Astrid Thorvaldsen & Erik Paulsen

DOP: Thomas Lind

Script: Astrid Thorvaldsen & Erik Paulsen

Music: Andreas Gutuen Aaser

Cast: Atle Antonsen, Marianne Meløy, Jakob Schøyen Andersen


Program total running time approx. 1 hour

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  • lørdag 30.06.18 Kl. 14:00