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NUFF 2018

Still from the film WHEN WE MEET AGAIN



Fiksjon, drama/ 2017/Brazil

Produsent: Guilherme  Andrade

Regi: Beatriz Pessoa

DOP: Paulo Fischer

Script: Guilherme Andrade

Cast: Fernanda Viacava, Juliana Lourenção

A father becomes savage in the pursuit of revenge, but he does not know that, in his own habitat, he is also an animal.




Fiksjon, drama/2018/Norway (19-21)

A young girl falls out of the society and struggles with the incidents from her past. An experimental short film dedicated to all those who got lost or forgotten along the way. Inspired by real stories."

Produsent: TonevFilms

Regi: Simon Gjerde Tonev

DOP: Simon Gjerde Tonev  

Script: Simon Gjerde Tonev

Music: Lost Harmonies

Cast: Veronica Vilde Pedersen, Hanna Tonev, Anton Tonev 


Որտեղ է երջանկությունը

Where is the happiness


Young filmmaker trying to find "The Happiness". The answer of this question takes him back to his childhood, where he asks little kids what they want to become and what they want to have for the future. They, who made their dreams come true, old people with their life experience and everything obtained are discussing the precondition of being happy.

Produsent: Nver Hovhannisyan

Regi: Nver Hovhannisyan

DOP: Any Sargsyan

Script: Nver Hovhannisyan 


Når vi ses igen

When we meet again 

Fiksjon, drama/2017/Denmark (22-26)

Mads has been traveling across Europe for three months with his two childhood friends, Simon and Sara. To celebrate his safe return, Mads' family has organised a  welcome home lunch - but the meal is interrupted by a call from Sara's father claiming Sara was raped on the last night of the trip. This throws Mads into the biggest dilemma of his life

Produsent: Andreas Bak & Mads-August Grarup Hertz

Regi: William Sehested Høeg

DOP: Kristian Arbs  

Script: William Sehested Høeg

Music: Kasper August Topp

Cast: Elias Munk, Roberta Hilarius Reichhardt, Henning Valin, Trine Appel  


Program total running time approx. 1 hour

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Tidligere visninger:

  • lørdag 30.06.18 Kl. 12:00