Insomnia Festival Opening Concert: Mari Kvien Brunvoll + Dopplereffekt

Insomnia Festival Opening Concert: Mari Kvien Brunvoll + Dopplereffekt


Norwegian Grammy nominated, Mari Kvien Brunvoll has a unique ability to capture the audience into her universe and never let them go. From electro pop, jazz, folk and acoustic blues, her music rises from different corners of the world. Touring extensively since 2008, the hard working vocalist, live sampler, electronic producer and percussionist, also works tirelessly with dancers, actors and authors.  Mari will be gracing the stage at Insomnia this year with surprising musical works from subdued acoustic expression to electric vocals and electronic soundscapes, all performed live. She has been described as an exceptional talent, and we can not wait for this one!


Inhabiting a contemporary sonic world, electronic duo Dopplereffekt are one of the most thrilling, mysterious and persistently challenging acts in electronic music. One-half of the legendary Drexciya – the genre-defining act from Detroit that created an afrofuturist myth of an underwater world and their warriors through their releases, shunning media attention, Gerald Donald is responsible for era-defining releases under a variety of enigmatic aliases. The current iteration of Dopplereffekt includes Donald and fellow explorer To-Nhan. With their razor-sharp releases, the pairs bold, creative productions continue to defy expectations. Their limitless creativity and intense commitment have seen them carve out their own unique musical space. Dopplereffekt are guaranteed to transport you to an electronic soundscape rarely experienced. We are thrilled to welcome the pair to perform at Insomnia in cooperation with Nuits Sonores, as part of We Are Europe.

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Tidligere visninger:

  • torsdag 26.10.17 Kl. 19:00